6.1 Overview

RevenueDeclarationMessages in accordance with this standard shall follow the technical details defined in Clause 6.2 and be communicated in accordance with Clause 6.5. The Record Types referenced herein are defined in Clause 7.

Such messages shall comprise:

  1. One Header Record RHEA in accordance with Clause 7.1;

  2. 1-2 Statement Summary Records RS01 in accordance with Clause 7.3

    1. Each RS01 can be followed by 1-n Allocated Party Summary Records  RS02 in accordance with Clause 7.4; each Allocated Party Summary Record shall be pointed to from at least one Sound Recording Revenue Details Record or Audio-visual Resource Revenue Details Record or Other Revenue Details Record. The Statement Summary Record shall provide summary information for exactly these Revenue Details Records;

  3.  1-n Revenue Details Records RD01 in accordance with Clause 7.5 or RD02 in accordance with Clause 7.6 or RD03 in accordance with Clause 7.7. Each Revenue Details Record shall point to exactly one Allocated Party Summary Record to which it provides detailed information;

  4. One Footer Record RFOO in accordance with Clause 7.2.

In cases where a company wishes to send a RevenueDeclarationMessage to report no revenues, it shall omit any RDxx Records.

Since the Header Record only allows for a single DistributionDate, a RevenueDeclarationMessage can only relate to a single distribution.

The table below provides an overview of the order and cardinality of the Records to be used in this Standard.

Record Type








RD01 or  RD02 or  RD03